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Monday 29 June 2009

Toronto Strike

The strike by Toronto's municipal workers has entered its second week, and although all sides are still talking, many people are showing it by the mounting piles of garbage.

About 24,000 city workers walked off the job on June 22 to back their demands for a new contract.

Two Canadian Union of Public Employees locals are on strike — Local 416, which represents outside workers, and Local 79, which mostly represents inside workers.

The reason for the strike: removing a number of benefits from the existing collective agreements, including the ability of some union members to bank sick-leave days.

What's affected
•Garbage, recycling and compost pickup
•City-run daycare centres
•Water and sewer work
•Swimming pools
•Summer camps
•Community recreation centres
•Museums and galleries
•Toronto Islands ferries
•Some libraries

This strike is pure bullshit... nobody else in t his country gets to bank and cash out unused sick days. Sick days are meant to be taken when you're sick... not to be cashed out when you retire. The people on strike are selfish, and don't give a shit about the rest of the city. Even though I'm frustrated about the actual garbage strike... I hope the strike ends in favour of giving them shit.

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