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Monday 15 December 2008

The holidays are fastly approching and I still have to get some gifts bought. This is the first year that I'm so far behind. Normally I have everything bought by now and wrapped and put under the tree.

Damn... Jingles keeps trying to hump my arm as I'm typing! How come I have such a horny cat? The vet said he should probably grow out of it... he's fixed. Hmmm... he's still a little male perverted kittie! He's purring... maybe he's just a really really happy kittie?!!!!

Friday after work since I'm working until four, I will go to Yorkdale and will hopefully finish my shopping. I guess I've been putting off buying stuff because I've been waiting for Shoppers Drug Mart to have a deal where you redeem points for more money. I have a feeling they've stopped doing that... I'm sad. First they got rid of the Shoppers Optimum visa card, and now this.... oh so sad.

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