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Sunday 5 October 2008

Untitled Poem

Three years ago you took my hand
and vowed to love me forever
To cherish me for better or worse
and always be together.
I had so many dreams of love
that I thought we'd share
But it all changed so quickly
and I was not prepared.

Slap! A hand across my face
for talking back to you
With many words of disrespect.
This marriage of silent abuse
that no one else can hear
Reminds me I'll be bound to you
for the rest of my years.

Tears fall softly as I weep
remembering your hand
And power of your ruthless tongue ~
I did not understand.
The promises of love I made
on our wedding day
To you I gave my heart and soul
it was meant to be that way.

So I listen as you put me down
and make me feel like dirt
Reducing me to tears each time,
you wanted it to hurt!
Your accusations of affairs
you have in your mind
But your thoughts of my betrayal were just
the imaginative kind.

But there are times you're so loving
you show me that you care
And your love is so abundant in
the happy times we share.
You make me smile and fall in love
with you all over again
As I forget about those times
you bring me so much pain.

My tears of pain and confusion
I just don't know what to do
For no matter what you do to me
I still care for you.

The memory of our wedding day
now seems so long ago
With promises of love we made
this life we came to know
My tears now a reflection
of the emptiness inside ~
That day I became a battered wife
and not a blushing bride!

By Kimberly

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