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Wednesday 8 October 2008

Mr Jingles Turned into Demon Cat!

Monday my mom came over and we took Mr Jingles to the vet. Yep... just as I expected he put up a nice fight when I tried to put him in the carrier! The ride to his favorite place was very quiet and he kept ignoring me! Yep... I knew he would be sulking!

So at the vet the doctor took a urine sample to make sure there's nothing wrong with him, as well as she checked his paws since he keeps chewing on them. The baby is very healthy with the exception of being a little fatty fatty! The baby didn't like his paws touched... he just layed there miserable and hissed at the vet. He was naughty!

Then when I was at the front desk taking out my credit card to pay, Mr Jingles turned into a demon kittie! He definatly was pissed at everyone and anyone who would come near him! Wow... He was swatting and hissing and even growling... yes... growling at everyone. Bad demon cat! I've never heard him growl before like a dog... was freaky.

So yesterday I got the results from the urine test... the baby is fine! The reason for him waking his mommy up and driving her nuts is due to stress... probably from all the fighting going on at home.

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  1. Fighting does cause stress for pets, has Rachid left yet? Have you filed for a divorce and had his ass thrown out?


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