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Tuesday 21 October 2008

Getting Into A Routine

It's the second week of my new job and it's going good so far. As you can tell I haven't been writing in my blog every day like before... well before I was unemployed and had all the time in the world! Ha! Ha! No... I'll get back to writing here every day once I get used to the routine of working again. I was off four months so I became a little lazy. Now that I'm working five days a week and actually starting in the morning, I find it a little hard. It's only nine in the evening and already I'm ready for bed!

I passed the first test with 85% so I'm very happy about that. In order to stay employed through the whole training process... I have to keep an 85% for all the testing. If I fail one I am able to rewrite once. Wish me luck that I can pass everything and succeed at this job! Working for a major bank could really help me with the future.

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