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Sunday 3 August 2008

Jingles Has A Crush!

Mr Jingles told me to put these cute photos of his friend Daisy on my blog. He has a major crush on her and thinks she's the prettiest kittie! He says meow...happy Sunday to his furry friend Daisy!
Check out Daisy's Blog!
Oh, and Daisy... Jingles wants to know if you'de be his gf?!!!
Here's a pretty butterfly with pink hearts for you!!!

Jingles says Daisy is a real catch... is so smart...wants to learn how to play cards with her.

Jingles says look at those beautiful eyes... so pretty!

Jingles says look at that wonderful smile...purrr!

Jingles says... Daisy I love you!!!!


  1. Hi Jingles! You are very, very nice! I love the pretty sparkly butterfly. I am already going steady with Skeezix the cat. But I would love to be great friends with you! We can play cards together! And I will share my Temptations treats with you, too. I hope you will be my friend!

  2. Great choice, Jingles!

    She's a winner, and without a doubt the prettiest thing out here! ;)


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