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Tuesday 26 August 2008

It's almost September and I'm still jobless. I've never in my life gone this long without work, and I've never had so much trouble trying to find one either. My friend gave me a number to call so I can get a job at his work... he said he would give me a reference and to use his name. Ah... more call center jobs... more exciting customer service that I just love! Ha ha... you all know I'm being so sarcastic with that last sentence! At this point I need to take whatever I can get... I really dont want to have to go to Mcdonalds and serve fries.

Today Rachid is off which means we will be fighting. We haven't been fighting as much as usual the last little while. I believe that's because he's afraid that I will actually leave him. I've been saying for a while now that's it's over to him, and I think he actually is starting to believe me. It really pisses me off that he doesn't believe me... treats me like I'm this disgusting person that someone wouldn't dare be interested in me. I am a plus size woman, but dammit I'm beautiful... so here goes...

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