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Tuesday 12 August 2008

Do You Know The Answer?

I was just wondering if anyone knew the answer to a question I have... my cat Mr Jingles is just over two years of age, and was neutered at six months. Is it possible that he would still hump my arm, or am I just imagining it?! I have been noticing the last few weeks that he has been humping my arm. Now I'm not sure if I'm just over reacting... I could be. Jingles was massaging my arm with his paws and biting me... and then started humping me!!!

Anyone know the answer to this? Is it normal for a neutered cat to start humping?!!!


  1. Yup, it's common. Discourage him gently and he may get over it. Speedy stopped doing it when he was about a year old.

  2. Um, yeah, I don't do dis but sum kitties do.

  3. Yep it's perfectly possible, he's getting a little excited and it's all getting a bit confused for him. He might be feeling a little insecure, so let one of your T Shirts get all stinky with your smell and encourage him to sleep on it, maybe put it in his favourite bed? Sometimes giving him a soft toy like a teddy bear will distract him, so he can get all close to that instead.

  4. The other day at the shelter there were two little 4 month old kitties doing this together, even though they had been neutered/spayed weeks ago. They both had big, round saucer eyes because they had no idea what they were doing!

  5. we were also going to say yep, this is perfektly normal.

  6. believe me, it is perfectly possible!

    Incidentally, I shall be referring my human to your blog as she needs assistance in losing weight. She is a fat heffer.



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