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Thursday 7 August 2008

Boring Day

What a boring day. I have been patient waiting to hear from the two jobs that I applied for and went for interviews... I hate waiting. I am at the point of almost giving up on job hunting. I just feel so depressed that no one wants to hire me. I feel that obviously they are basing their decision on the fact that I am over weight then my qualifications. I have never had so much trouble finding a job before in my life. I really do pray that I get the job with The Humane Society... oh please call me today or tomorrow.

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  1. I hope you hear about the job soon and even better, they offer it to you. Try not to let your weight get you down, you are trying hard to tackle it and there will be some days when you think the whole world is against you, but as you progress there will be better days!

    Remember, if someone judges you badly because of your weight, it says far more negative things about them than it does you!

    Best of luck x


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