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Tuesday 22 July 2008

Once again I didn't sleep well last night. I guess a couple reasons would be that I'm stressed about my marriage, and how I'm on the verge of divorce. Plus I'm worried when it comes to money. Rachid doesn't want to give me more then $600 for rent... don't know where he thinks I would come up with the rest. He' knows that I've been off from work... guess he thinks I will pull money from my ass or something. He is very selfish... a spouse should help out if the other is out of work. Another reason I'm stressed... I'm trying to decide if I should give notice for where we live right now... have to give 60 days notice. Since I don't have a job it would be hard finding a new apartment on my own. Not too sure what I should do. Hmmm... no wonder I have a killer stye on my eye! I think I will go back to bed now.

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