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Monday 7 July 2008

@ Mom's

Well, today I went on my interview for Telus Mobility...I have no idea how I did...was hard to tell. I answered all the questions to my ability...oh I hope I get the job. Pray for me that I get it!

I'm at mom's place still...I came here yesterday after going to my friend Ayesha's house. She had invited me and two other friend over for an early dinner. I have to say she's an excellent cook. We had a really nice salad, rice, chicken, beef, eggs with curry, and a curry veggie dish. She made the veggie dish specially for me since I don't eat meat...thought that was so sweet!

We were all sitting around talking and wondering what else we should do...when Ayesha was like...hey why don't we go to Niagara Falls! So within ten minutes we were on the road. Lucky me...I didn't have the proper shoes on for walking, so I ended up killing my feet. Plus, they don't have airconditioning in the car...shit it was hot. It is 30*C, but with the humidity feels like 40*C. I took lots of pics which I will be posting once I go home tomorrow on my Facebook.

I'm planning on staying here again tonight since tomorrow is grandma's birthday. There's no point in going home and then having to come back tomorrow. We will go out to dinner or lunch and then I will go home after. I wish I had some more money, but I just don't have it...I wanted to get grandma another Royal Doulton for her collection...but that wont happen yet.

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