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Friday 18 July 2008

Get Certified!!!

In this world, having knowledge is not that useful unless you have some certification for it. I mean consider google certification. Though you are more good than those professionals out there in launching an adword campaign unless you are not having certification for that work you are going to loose many freelancing opportunities. Having certification plays a vital role in making a person ready for their career.

As of Google certification many IT professionals are earning a fair amount when they are certified. But right now getting certified, we have to pay some money for taking the exam. CISCO is providing certification in networking field which is completely free... which means you can get certified without paying a dime. Plus they provide preparation material for the exam.

Cisco certification provided by this company is both general and specialised. Also they have provided a training program and you can visit their website for more details. With the help of this training you can achieve growth in your career as these certifications will reflect your strength in this subject.

If you are an IT professional in networking then you would benefit if you complete the certification.

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