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Wednesday 2 July 2008

The Best Live Show Ever!

I'm back at my mom's place and I'm a bit tired...actually very tired. Before going to the show, grandma insisted that we go to Dundas Square. Dundas Square was...well...noisy and too many smelly people. If there are crowds of people I usually like to avoid it!

Anyway, after going there we decided to walk toward the theatre. We walked...and walked...and walked until our feet were ready to fall off. Finally we got there and there wasn't much to chose from to eat dinner at. We ended up eating at Swiss Chalet. I just had a veggie stirfry since there was no other was okay.

We got to the show and waited for a while...finally we went in. The seats were so incredibly small...they were made for very short people. My knees were touching the seats in front...everyone was quite uncomfortable. The place was decorated quite beautiful and it was nice and cool...which for me is very important. The show was amazing. Even though my legs were in pain and my back and ass killed, it was well worth it. I've seen a lot of live theatre, and I have to say that this was by far THE BEST I've ever seen. The singing was so good...and the! Everything was so well planned...I wonder how much rehearsing they do a day?!

The last scene was my favorite of course...even in the movie I always cry at the end. Well...this was very emotional. I tried to hold my tears...but they were coming anyway. If you have a chance to see Dirty have to see it.

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