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Thursday 24 July 2008

Back To His Usual Self

Once again when I thought Rachid was being nice... he's back to his asshole self. He doesn't want to help out with rent... I've been off work now for a while and this month I have no way of paying it. As a husband he should be helping out...but he is being an asshole about it. He also refuses to pay the Bell bill...which is the home phone, internet and the satellite. He says that he doesn't use most of it... that he doesn't care about that stuff. Funny...he's the one that uses the internet the most, yet he says he doesn't use it.

I am just so frustrated...I need a job and want to get the hell away from here. I was supposed to go see an apartment tonight, but I decided against it. I should really find out where I will be working first and then look for a place. No sense in moving to Scarborough if I will be working in the west end. I am getting bored being at home...I miss working. I just need a different life then right now... I need to get rid of him.

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