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Friday 20 June 2008

Still Looking for Work

A week has gone by and still no job. I can't believe that I haven't received any phone calls...I sent out so many resumes...what's wrong with these people?! Today I have a phone interview with FE...with my luck that will be shit, but I guess I should try to stay positive. I've worked for so many years now in a call center, that it's all pretty much the same. I just hate change...hate having to get to know everyone...hate being the new person. I guess everything happens for a reason.

Last night was quite nice. Rachid and I cuddled up in bed and watched a movie and some TV together. We have done that two nights in a row now. He's still stubborn when it comes to money, but I guess he'll never change. I hate not having a job and I know it pisses him off that he's working and I'm not. It's not like I chose not to work...they let me go. I've been applying so many places, I'm just suprised that I haven't heard from more companies. They always seem to call once I'm hired somewhere!

Mr Jingles is sitting on the table staring at me right now...I hate when he does that...just stares at me...makes me feel like he can hear my thoughts of something! Okay...I made him bored...he ran away! Such a cute stinker!

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