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Sunday 1 June 2008

It's nice and quiet...I now have the phone apartment to myself! Rachid has goen to work and he wasn't exactly happy about it. So far he doesn't like his new job. He says that the kitchen is too small and hot. He said that the restaurant kitchen is as small as our kitchen at home. Wow...that's pretty small. And he says that the heat from the fryer is killing him there. I think he likes to complain a lot and never really likes any job he gets. Oh well...he went tonight and I'm happy about that.

Back to work tomorrow...I hope that I made the stats to get my monthly bonus...I can really use that money for bills. An extra $100 a month would really make a difference when it comes to groceries and stuff.

Oh crap...mommy is calling me...grrr...I can't ignore her!

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