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Tuesday 24 June 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I have to say Happy Birthday to my mommy today! Normally I write in my blog much sooner in the day, but today I went to my mom's house. We ended up going out to dinner which was nice; However, the food was crap.

The restaurant we went to was The Fish House...and we wouldn't go back. Well you don't know how it is until you try it. The evening with the family was wonderful though. I had my Atlantic Salmon...which really was way too small and had no taste, along with veggies and garlic potatoes. I'm actually still hungry as I'm writing this.

I bought my mom flowers on the way to her place...and they were beautiful. I also couldn't help myself...I had to buy a kittie card! Ya...I know...I'm a nerd! Wanna know something else nerdy that I did?! I get her a cat frame that says meow on it...and it had a picture of her grand-kittie Mr Jingles! She loved's on her computer desk next to my picture! Ya...I am a nerd!

So in celebration for my mom's birthday...I must post some cute pics of cats!

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