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Thursday 12 June 2008

Go Green and Clean!


Welcome to the new world of cleaning guys! I've found a vacuum that has saved my life when it comes to cleaning my apartment. No more fussing with cords that are not long enough, no more fussing with tripping over a cord...get ready for the new cordless Energy Star Dirt Devil. Not only is this vacuum cordless, but it saves you energy by at least 70%!

I'm an animal lover so having a strong vacuum is very important. The old vacuum I had always clogged and spit the dust back into the air. I always hated having to change the bags...with this vacuum you just empty the dirt into the toilet and continue cleaning. There are many little gadgets built into the vacuum as well...little gadget to clean in small places like corners, so that way you can actually pick up the dirt. There is also a small little brush that pops out for cleaning your couch...helps with removing unwanted pet hair! Nothing worse then having a vacuum that has a million attachments that you just lose...everything for this is built in.

Funny thing with me and my cleaning...the way I was saving energy naturally was by vacuuming only once a week and only using my Swiffer on the hardwood floors. Mr Jingles was starting to get mad at me for finding some unwanted dust bunnies in little dark places! Everyone is so much happier now that we went green.

So everyone check out the commercial about this new awesome Energy Star Dirt Devil and consider getting me you wont regret it...also it's well priced!


Energy Star

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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