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Sunday 22 June 2008

David Archuleta Is Rumored as A Drop Out

David Archuleta could drop out of school to live ‘American’ dream.
American Idol runner-up David Archuleta could be dropping out of school so that he can complete his Idol duties, reports BuddyTV.

He isn't dropping out as much as he didn’t enrol for his senior year in Utah’s Murray High, which starts its school year Aug. 25.

The young singing sensation left school for Idol but was tutored, since the show has a policy that young participants must receive schooling while they’re in the competition.

A 17-year-old kid gets a shot at fame and fortune and you expect him to go back to school? Even I think he’s doing the right thing. With all that money, he can hire the best tutors around.

What’s keeping Archuleta busy these days is his commitment to the American Idol tour — which runs till mid-September — and plans to record his first album.

Once his Idol responsibilities are over, don’t expect the boy wonder to run back to school.

Daddy Archuleta tried to get his son into the spotlight early by throwing a “welcome back” charity concert in their hometown until the idea was shot down by Idol execs.

Looks like David won’t be sitting in an unpadded spine-correcting chair anytime soon, considering even Dad wants to make some money off of him.

I don't know about you, but I think this is the biggest mistake that David could make. I think he should grow a backbone and some balls and make a decision for once on his own. For starters...I think he should fire his father. His father is going to ruin his singing career long before it even starts. He's got talent...but doesn't mean that people will run out and buy his CD. Without a highschool diploma...what kind of example is he setting? I sure hope he rethinks this and tells his father to fuck off!

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