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Friday 9 May 2008


Today is a great day...I am soooo happy! Yesterday I went shopping with mom at Costco for a mother's day I only ended up buying something for grandma there...not sure what to get mom yet. Naturally I bought grandma a Royal Doulton like usual for her collection! Anyway...for the cool part...I ended up buying a new computer. There was a desktop that was on sale for $ I just had to buy it! I've been thinking for a while now that I would like one. Rachid and I would always seem to fight over who was going to use the computer. Well now we have two. The desktop is a beautiful HD 20inch widescreen and it's sooooo awesome!

I also just got off the phone with tech support from Bell and got my old laptop hooked up with the wireless...I always had that option but never knew how to get it working. Well right now I'm writing this blog from my bed!'s working! Yay!

By the way...Mr Jingles is so confused right now at why the computer is here in bed! He's trying to attack the screen and is ready to bug Rachid(who is sleeping right now).

Anyway...going to go back to bed now...I didn't sleep until 4am this morning and I woke up at's now 8am! Good night and good morning all!

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