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Thursday 29 May 2008

@ work...wish me luck on my stats!

Right now I'm at work and it's my break. So far today I've had it made! My shift started out with having a training session for the first hour, and then after that I had a meeting that was scheduled for an hour as well. The meeting only lasted about ten I've been blogging online until I'm scheduled to go back on the phones!

Tonight I have to kick ass when it comes to my quality on the phone. I need two more quality grades today and tomorrow in order to qualify for my monthly bonus. I have to get like 90% to kick ass in my stats...that means I have to really follow call structure. Oh, I hope I can do this...come on know you want to give me an upsell!

I'm debating if I'm going to sleep at mom's again tonight. Yummy home and to work tomorrow...hmmm...sounds pretty good doesn't it?! I do miss my furry baby though.'s almost time to go back on the phones...wish me luck!

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