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Sunday 25 May 2008

It's a great weekend so far. Yesterday I worked and I couldn't bare myself to stay for the whole shift. I started at 9am and ended up leaving at 2pm. I was on training up until one and then had my lunch and after that went on the phone for 15min. I just couldn't bare myself to work. I didn't feel like talking to anyone on the phone...people were in the mood to downgrade due to the nice weather. I didn't want to ruin my stats for the month. It sucked...I didn't get any upgrades at all. Boo to the customers who want to downgrade!!! Nah...just kidding! It's not their's the company's fault. Employees shouldn't be penalized for a customer wanting to save money or wanting to spend more time outdoors during the summer.

Don't get me wrong...I love my's just that I know my depression is getting worse. I don't want to do anything anymore. I feel so fat and depressed...feel like such a loser.

Speaking of feeling fat...I just ordered pizza...ya I know...I can't lose weight by eating pizza. I'm lonely in my lonely.


  1. I think they're too skinny & don't healthy look-alike! Thx for the add, I'll do the same. Happy Blogging!


  2. A lot of people feel this way about their job. Stay strong and remember that no matter what you are beautiful.


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