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Friday 23 May 2008

Hurry Advertisers, visit Socialspark! Cheap & Easy Advertising!

SocialSpark is an awesome site but is still quite new. With the site being new there are limited advertisers that know about it...that's where all us bloggers have to kick butt and get the word out!

There are many companies that I would love to write blogs for and are from all kinds of products. For starters, I would love to see more advertisers promoting going green and also organic stuff. One major company that I would love to see is Presidents Choice grocery products. They offer a lot of green cleaning products and many organic varieties for foods. They also offer online banking through their website. PC Financial/PC's a cheap and easy way of advertising!

Now for some other every day products that I would love to blog about: Soft drinks (Coke,Pepsi,Nestea), Nike, movies, music, oh and can't forget some yummy stuff like Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Lays Chips, Pillsbury's cookies and croissant's...mmm!!! Licks burgers, Activia yogurt, Becel margarine, Kraft cheese slices...actually anything Kraft! Okay, enough with the food cause it's making me hungry!

So come on advertisers, get cracking and sign up for you wont be disappointed.
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  1. This is a great site, and I have to say that it is my fav out of all the blogging pay sites.


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