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Tuesday 13 May 2008

Dockers - The Next Generation!

I'm not much for fashion these days as my butt seems to be growing! I guess you can say that I dress a bit like Jennifer Lopez...the sweatpants and shirt to match. I'm not much of a girlie girl...okay so Jen is a girlie girl, but I'm more relaxed with it comes to my clothing. I would rather wear something that has a little give, so that if I do put on a couple pounds I wont feel like I'll explode out of my clothes!

Most of the time it's difficult finding nice clothes for being a plus sized woman. I usually shop at Penningtons, or Addition Elle...but I've become bored of those places. I find that the clothes don't seem to last as long as I want them to. I find that the fashion these days at these places are still designed for thinner woman's shapes, but in a big size.

I recently came across the Dockers site and was suprised that they offer plus sizes. I was very happy to find this out, as I used to own a pair of Dockers and loved them! Here's a link to the online store for Dockers...check out what they have to offer!

These pants look so nice and comfortable.

Right now Dockers is having a contest and is asking everyone to submit a commercial about Dockers. Check this out and give it a try...someone has to win!!! Visit the link below to find out further details and examples for the contest!

Dockers contest


Sponsored by Dockers

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