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Tuesday 8 April 2008

I'm at work right now and I'm so tired and not feeling that great. I have a bit of a headache since I waited so long to eat today. I brought a pear for breakfast but never ended up eating it. I just had one wrap with veggies on it for lunch/dinner. Tomorrow is the big day...the day that I sign up for the gym. In order to fully get this weight off...I have to kick ass at the gym. I want this weight to come off fast...I want it gone for good. My dream is to wear a bikini on my trip to St Thomas for my cousin's wedding. I'm determined to get a flat stomach...I want it sooo bad...more then any food now. I will only eat to live now...not live to eat.

I am a little frustrated at work right now...I hate this IMPACT thing that they're making us do. Okay in a way I understand why...but the limit of time that they want it in is crazy...almost impossible...I guess they want me to be super woman. Maybe I'm just being negative...ya I'm in a negative mood today...major pms.

Oh I hope mommy will pick me up today...I'm so tired and feel like shit that I really don't have the patience to deal with annoying smelly people on the bus. Wow...I really am negative today...I'm craving chocolate...have period...mmmmm...chocolate. Nope...none for me...too many calories. I'm sure the stars don't stay thin by eating chocolate. Hmmm...okay so they can pay for lipo and eat it!
One hour and fourty five minutes left to it's going by so slow...going to go crazy...more crazy then I already am!

Right now I'm on hold waiting for I hate waiting for a tech...there goes my time for the day. I already know that I'm over my time. Poor customer...too many problems with recievers that he's had. I'm out of troubleshooting ideas...have to transfer...wish it didn't have to be a warm transfer. Anyway...enough about work...I can't wait to watch Big Brother when I get home! I sure hope that they don't backdoor James. I want him or Sharon to win.

I can't wait until a vacation...I need to get least now I have something to work at losing weight for.

Okay...time to go do something else...

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