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Sunday 27 April 2008

Boo to TTC!

Well this has been an interesting weekend. I worked Saturday but mom had to drive me to work since there was a bus strike. Boo to the TTC workers...I think they should fire all your ass's and give me your job. I'd gladly like to work for over $20 an hour to either drive or clean garbages! People in this world have become so incredibly greedy...nothing is ever enough. Seems that no one is honest or trustworthy anymore.

Anyway...enough about that shit...the pain in the ass hubby keeps bothering me for the computer...which by the way it's my computer. I'm sick of this shit...I bought it...I pay for the internet....yet he's such a baby and wants to use it all the time. I have only sat down here for five minutes and he's wining for it already. That is why I only seem to write posts now from work.

I will add more tomorrow from work...hope everyone had an awesome kickass weekend!

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