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Monday 24 March 2008

I'm sad now that none of my friends at work are working late. I feel so one to talk to when it is slow. I guess it's a good time to read and catch up on stuff that is going on in Bell...even though I have already read it! Today I'm frustrated...I only got 80% on my quality so that means I wont qualify for any monthly blitz. I had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to catch up from that first 20% on a quality. I really should have faught that one...but I've only been here for four months so I didn't want to bother anyone. Most of the time I'm a hard worker...I try my best...but this month is garbage.

I'm also sad because no one is going my way home tonight. I'll be travelling in the dark the whole way...hate waiting for the bus alone. Oh well...that's what I get for saying I wanted to work nights. I just assumed everyone would be on nights in my group a little longer. It's kind of relaxing here in the evening...I don't want to work days. I enjoy not having anyone sit next to me!!! I shouldn't be so antisocial! Rachid is home all day today...thought he would have come to pick me up. He is always late though and I really wouldn't want to wait in the dark for him...I'd hate that more.

One more day to go and then I have a day off!! Ha! Ha! I shouldn't talk like that...I only work a couple days and then have days off...I'm just tired lately...I've put on the weight that I lost originally and I feel so sluggish. My clothes are tight again...I hate that feeling. I have to get cracking and get on a real diet and start eating healthy again. I should always eat healthy...I need a lifestyle change. I need to get motivated...and in reality that wont happen anytime soon with the idiot at home. He needs to be medicated...he's always on me about my weight. Life would be so much easier and healthy if I got back down to the weight I was when we first got married. I know I can do it...I just need a kick in the butt. I hate being this way...and summer is just around the will be a terrible summer if I don't change now.

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