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Wednesday 26 March 2008

Hope it's a better day then yesterday!

Yesterday was a day from hell!!! Everything that could of gone wrong at work did...and of course I was stuck working until closing and had to deal with it all. So far it has been a shit month when it comes to my work stats, so I figured what's another fucked up day?! sure what fucked up. One complaint after long call after time for the day was completly insane. I was on calls for like an hour we had a nice storm which was playing with satellite signals. I don't know why people have to call during those times and want a tech when you can clearly tell that they have no signal due to crazy snow coming down and freezing rain. Grrr to those people who made my evening hell...and grr to the people who screamed at me!!! I know what it's like being on the other end of the phone...that was me with Rogers! But still...common sense people. Maybe I'm the only one there who gives 100% customer service...or maybe there's only a few of us...I don't know...all I know is that yesterday I nearly lost my mind...I actually had tears in my eyes at one point.

Thank God that today is my day off! Also thank God that Thursday and Friday I have training for something instead of being on the phones! It will be a nice little break of atmosphere...I'm actually looking forward to it.

So this morning I was excited to see that I finally got my tax return...yay!!! That means that I can actually finish paying off my visa card which is fuckin awesome. I wasn't expecting it today...I wasn't expecting it for a week or so only cause I needed it....ya I know I'm a real positive person!

Oh and another reason why I was so fuckin pissed yesterday...came home from work and found that my hubby fucked my computer...yep....I no longer have access to use my usb on it. How in the world did he do this? Who knows...all I know was that it was working before I went to work. He has a bad habit of breaking that I paid the credit cards off watch me have to dish out money for something else now...shit I hope the computer lasts a bit least for a while.

Anyway...I think that's enough complaining for a morning post...will continue more during my day!

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