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Thursday 21 February 2008

I hate people and waiting on hold

I have come to the conclusion that this world is going to shit. Today I had Bell come to my place and set up my phone line, as I decided to leave Rogers and come back to Bell. I figured since I'm an employee and I get a discount it would be better to switch.

I had set it up for today...and everything went fine from Bell's end...but from the Rogers end they are still shitting on me. I called Rogers to cancel my cable tv service since the phone line was switched already(I didn't want to lose my home phone number or else I would have done both at the same time)and they asked me when I'm switching my home phone over? I was like ...what?

They told me that I wasn't able to cancel until March 28th....WHAT THE FUCK?!!!! I was like...ummm's already been cancelled. My phone service was disconnected this morning from them long before the Bell guy showed up! And then the person was like...I have no record of it...and then told me that I can't cancel my tv until I cancel my home phone or I would lose my then I was already fuckin pissed...I was transfered four times by this point so I just lost it. The person told me to call back tomorrow. In conclusion...Rogers has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. This isn't the first time this shit has happend with's quite normal.

Anyway, the phone is set up and I'm paying about the same price but I have extra calling features. Plus it also helps that I would be getting 35% off on top of the deal that I have. Not bad eh?! I'm still waiting for my Sympatico modem to arrive in the mail...I'm looking forward to wireless internet. I have to cancel my AOL on the 27th since the contract is ending then. Everything adds up so might as well take advantage of my employee benefits and discounts.

Right now I'm relaxing at home...tired and will probably take a nap soon. I'm running on next to no sleep.

Okay so some time has passed by now. Bell came to hook up my phone line and I really have no idea why they had to come in the first place cause they didn't hook up my internet. For some reason there was a mix up and the order wasn't placed properly. At the moment I'm waiting for them to call me back to find out what is going on.
I think I will take a nap until I hear back from Bell...hopefully I'll hear something soon...

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